• Programming Languages: C + +
  • IDE: Microsoft Visual C + + 2003 (7.1), Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 (8) Express (this still needs to be Platform SDK), Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 (8), compilers and gcc 3 + and Code:: Blocks
  • Platforms: PC, Windows, OS X, Linux, Mac OS X, MinGW, Ubuntu PPA, iPhone
  • System Requirements: All major versions of Windows (Direct3D or OpenGL), Linux and Mac OSX
  • License: LGPL (except for some of the accompanying media files)
  • Advantages: A popular engine, a great community, great opportunities.


Ogre - is a free object-oriented graphics engine with open source. Ogre engine runs on popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX) and unpretentious to iron.

Engine is positioned as a graphic, but it is mainly used for the development of high-quality three-dimensional games. This provided the necessary capabilities for this, including integration with the physical libraries, such as Ode.

To work with Ogre you will require C + + compiler. Supported compilers Visual C + + and Visual C + +. Net. To work on Linux and Mac using gcc 3 +.

Ogre supports a variety of graphic formats. Possible to use standard, bulk, compressed textures and cubemaps. Many of the proposed plug-ins allow you to import many formats of 3D-models. In the engine can use a frame or skeletal animation. Resources created games can be packed in archives PK3 ZIP.

To develop games in the engine includes all the necessary classes for the standard management of the scene. When using DirectX, you will need DirectX SDK, which can be downloaded from the official site of Microsoft. You can use the 3D API DirectX or OpenGL on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

The first working version of the engine was released in 2002, and during that time, many developers, amateurs and professionals have appreciated this engine, creating it both free and commercial products.

This engine is written, maintained and developed a considerable number of participants Ogre-community. Engine uses and to develop commercial games on it, and it already said about the appropriate level engine. As a result, the development engine in the mode of Open Source, it is elaborated by many programmers is becoming more and more new opportunities.

Over the lifetime of the engine, a large number of background information and examples, good set of documentation, which is more than would harness it. In the network you can find lots of examples and lessons.

If your team lack the financial means to purchase expensive engines, the Ogre you will be an excellent option, allowing to develop your game without large infusions of funds.

Official site: www.ogre3d.org

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