Nytro Game Engine

  • Conversation orientation: any 3D games;
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3;
  • License: individual;
  • Programming Languages: C + + and scripting language LUA;
  • Engine written in YAP: C + +;
  • Developer: 7thFACTOR Enterteinment
  • API: OpenGL, DirectX 9 / 10;
  • Open Source: provided, bought a full license;
  • Multiplayer: Client-Server, Peer-to-Peer;
  • Advantages: Free for nekommertsii, good support.


Nytro Game Engine - is a high-quality cross-platform game development engine for the AAA class games on the PC and consoles. Easy WYSIWYG editor and built-in tools to work with the GUI, physics, particle systems, AI, shaders, animation, models and textures. Tools engine can reduce development time to a minimum, with maximum quality.

Open source code, available to all who purchased a full license, allows you to write new plug-ins and expand further, and without having a large opportunity for the engine. Extensive documentation, many examples and constant online support for six months from date of purchase licenses explain all the strange moments in the development.

Engine may be the choice for indie developers, and for teams of professionals. Engine is now completely free for the beta test and you can obtain a copy here or.rotcafht7|eciffo#or.rotcafht7|eciffo

Official site: thfactor.ro

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