Irrlicht Engine

  • Programming Languages: C + +
  • IDE: Microsoft VisualStudio 7.0-9.0, Metrowerks Codewarrior, Bloodshed Dev-C + +, Code:: Blocks, XCode, and gcc 3.x-4.x.
  • System requirements: Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, XP64, Vista, CE (Direct3D or OpenGL), Linux, OSX, Sun Solaris / SPARC
  • License: The zlib / libpng License
  • Advantages: Support for many platforms, ease of development, support for Quake 3 maps.


Irrlicht - is an open (provided the source code) 3D game engine developed by German developers. Irrlicht can work with OpenGL and DirectX. Irrlicht engine supported platforms - Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and SDL-platform.

Irrlicht quite damp, but even now you can create serious computer games. Engine is very functional and has virtually the full range of necessary functions to ensure that it was possible to do games.

Irrlicht Rendering takes advantage of OpenGL and Direct3D, supporting DirectX9.0 and many modern effects.

Regarding the effects can be mentioned that supports stencil shadows, laytmepy, pixel and vertex shaders, particle systems, etc. The use of shaders have special lessons.

The engine supports and works with most common formats for 3D-graphics:. OBJ, .3 ds,. Ms3d,. Md2, etc. The author and the community are constantly adding support for various formats.

Irrlicht engine supports the format of locations. Bsp (Quake III by id Software), which makes it possible to create levels in the editor QERadiant. Engine supports integration with free physics engine, such as Ode, Tokamak, and others are used for programming Visual C + + gcc 3 +.

Enough easy to use game engine. Will suit both their first steps in the programming of three-dimensional games, and experienced team to create a full-fledged game. Shortcomings, however, lacking, but the next release, many problems will be corrected.

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